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BackFlex 3D Thermal Massage Bed by INAREX

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BackFlex 3D Thermal Massage Bed by INAREX

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 Model Number

BackFlex 2D-LX

 Brand Name


The BackFlex Automatic Thermal Massage Bed boasts an array of advanced features for precise, customized performance and ease of use. Nothing else compares!




 BackFlex Exclusive:  Hi-Lo 3D Elevation Technology

This sophisticated capability is an extremely important feature that gives you compete vertical and horizontal control over the rollers. That means you can adjust your massage to the exact depth and intensity you desire for optimum results. This ability to faithfully replicate the subtleties of a massage administered by human hands is a huge advance in automated massage technology.

  • 72 Massage Variations: The BackFlex’s ergonomic and user-friendly remote control has 72 different combinations to program the exact type of massage you prefer, including 3 automated acupressure programs.

  • Body-Length Massage: With the BackFlex you get a full body massage—from head to toe. That’s because our rollers have a longer track than other massagers.
  • Two Auxiliary Hand-Held Massagers: These specially designed manual units allow you to apply a soothing massage and far infrared heat to the stomach, elbows and hard-to-reach areas or painful spots that require more focused individual attention.
  • Adjustable Speed and Intensity: You control how fast and intense a massage you want, so you can adjust your sessions to fit your schedule and needs.
  • Custom Height Adjustment: Choose from a selection of settings to match your height and properly align your specific pressure points for best results when lying down.
  • Automatic Timer: The BackFlex massager is so relaxing you could easily lose track of time. With the automatic timer, you can program your massage to last the length of time you prefer.
  • Advanced Acupressure Detection: The BackFlex massage bed is designed to apply pressure at the exact points and meridians where optimum health benefits can be derived.
  • Matress Angle Adjustment (optional): You can easily adjust the angle of the upper part of the massage bed from 0° to 22° degrees, allowing you to watch TV or read a book during your massage.
  • Optional Germanium Stone Infrared Health Mat: The perfect accessory for a complete and effective massage.
  • Quiet Operation: With only 45dB, silent drive transmission, gear box and motors ensure a quiet, peaceful and comfortable massage experience.
  • Optional Caster Wheels: The BackFlex Automatic Thermal Massage Bed can be easily transported from place to place with our optional wheels.



You’ll be amazed at what your BackFlex can do for you: 

Gives a superlative massage

  • Increase energy and vigor
  • Relaxes the muscle, accelerates blood circulation
  • Remove body toxins
  • Intensifies autonomic nervous system
  • Effective for degenerative spinal disorder
  • Eases metabolism and hormone excretion
  • Prevents aging and it’s effective against menopausal disorder






  • Home
  • Hospital
  • Fitness Center
  • Skin Care Shop
  • Massage Shop

 You simply have to try it to appreciate it!

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  Delivery lead time

6-8 weeks

  Minimum order

20' Container - 54 Units

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